Sunday, March 9, 2014

The international hypocrite

Vox Day cites that notoriously "neo-Confederate" propaganda mill known as the New York Times on the explosive issue of secession in Crimea. The editorial writers at the Times are having a little difficulty making sense of Obama's opposition to a popular referendum on Crimea seceding from Ukraine:

Consider the different American views of recent bids for independence.

Chechnya? No.

East Timor? Yes.

Abkhazia? No.

South Sudan? Yes.

Palestine? It’s complicated.

It is an acutely delicate subject in the West, where Britain wants to keep Scotland and Spain wants to keep Catalonia.
To which Vox Day adds:

And the USA murdered hundreds of thousands in order to forcibly "keep the Union together" and deny the sovereign Southern States their right to self-determination. This has not escaped the attention of the world's second-rate powers, some of whom have indicated support for the Russian position.
What the ruling elite can't grasp is that the peoples of the world do not share their globalist vision. Crimea has a majority Russian population that does not want to be part of Ukraine. This is just one more problem caused by the anti-human policies of the old Soviet Union. And it wasn't just the Reds who violated natural borders; the West is largely to blame for the unnatural and unsustainable political lines drawn in Africa during colonial times. As the folks in Sudan recently made clear, those borders are being redefined by history and culture.

The lessons of this worldwide trend apply here, too. As our rulers in DC import a more docile population from the Third World, the actual result is not a flowering of diversity but a loss of identification and loyalty to the old American nation. Already, secession is gaining steam in America, and ethnic and racial divisions are openly recognized as the reason. No people anywhere in the world wants to be governed by others - self-determination is just another term for secession. So as DC continues to reconstruct the old America, look for REAL secession movements to arise here at home.

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At March 10, 2014 at 1:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

After WWI millions of Germans were forced to live in new countries created to keep them separate from their folks in Germany. They were persecuted by the other ethnic groups and wanted what Russians in Crimea also today want, to be united with their people, their folks, just like what we Southern Nationalists want. When Germany reclaimed their people, at the people's request, the whole world went to war with them. WWII Germany did not share the globalist vision either.

At March 10, 2014 at 9:56 AM , Anonymous Weaver said...


Putin's in a stronger position, yet he still risks WWIII.

Symbolism aside, German nationalism is bothersome because it's infected somehow by Masons/Cosmotheists/whatever you want to label it: People stomping about full of impious Darwinian progressive zeal who, among other things, will uphold the use of propaganda. And they think that's what it means to be German.

There's plenty of trash in British etc. nationalism too of course, but it's idiots like that who reinforce the WWII bias.

Regardless, it seems worthwhile for Germans to create a nationalism that wholly ignores WWII. Such could be done separately from simultaneous efforts to defend WWII, in separate groups. I'm no WWII expert, but if I were German, I would take that strategy.

It's worth pointing out that: My own personal defence of the South tends to be that we were imperfect. I try to defend us honestly and objectively, and I think that's best. The will to power, super-man, ego-tripping propaganda approach is part of the Mason/whatever label you want to call it pollution. Real nationalists are honest with a sense of honour that is more than a front.


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