Sunday, March 16, 2014

Jubilation in Crimea After Secession Vote

Yes, "jubilation" is the term ABC News uses to describe the mood in Crimea, which overwhelmingly voted to leave Ukraine. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a country where you get to choose who governs you? We'd be "jubilant," too, if we had the right to hold a referendum on secession. Ah, well...

On the positive side, we see that the news from Crimea has sparked other independence movements.

A free Venice? It's possible we could see the resurgence of the Venetian Republic. Meanwhile, in Scotland and Quebec, excitement and anticipation about growing support for independence encourages proponents ... and who know where else this rising tide of self-determination will be felt?


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At March 16, 2014 at 6:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas, Utah, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Virginia, and all the other states that don't believe in same-sex marriage should each secede from Obamaland or their churches will be required to perform same-sex marriages in their church buildings. SECEDE NOW!!!

Establish and keep the right of each of these states to self-determination. The U.S. Bill of Rights has a Preamble. It establishes that the Bill of Rights supercedes the rest of the Constitution including additional amendments. The Feds have been violating the Bill of Rights as the Yankee Empire started overreaching. The only way that will stop: SECESSION!!!

At March 16, 2014 at 9:18 PM , Anonymous Sempronius said...

What is Veneto going to do when it gets swallowed by Austria after "independence"?

Do the Veneti who don't want to secede get to secede from Veneto too?

How many secessions are we going to have?


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