Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quote of the day

"Doctors Without Borders won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999. President Obama was awarded his in 2009. As Commander-in-Chief of the military that bombed the Doctors Without Borders hospital, this makes Obama perhaps the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to bomb another Nobel Peace Prize winner." -- Dan Sanchez

How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps

Sweden in flames

The multicultural project has failed in Sweden:

It is supposed to be the model multicultural state. But Sweden is facing problems of its own after gangs of immigrants spent a fifth consecutive night rioting in Stockholm.

Officers are battling to keep the capital under control after hundreds of cars were torched, a police station set alight and fire services kept from a major blaze by a stone-throwing mob of youths.

To make matters worse, rioting has now spread to Sweden’s two other major cities, Gothenburg and Malmo.

A new tradition has emerged in multicultural Sweden: The lighting of the Volvo.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Anniston City Council gives Morris Dees absolute power over its personnel

The city of Anniston, Alabama, fired Lt. Josh Doggrell last month after the Southern Poverty Law Center published a hit piece on Doggrell, claiming his membership in the League of the South rendered him ineligible to be a public servant. Now the Anniston City Cowards Council has ceded its authority to hire and fire to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

The policy amendment states an employee could be subject to discipline or even firing if he or she is involved in "conduct, activities, speech, participation or membership of events, associations or groups that advance, promote or condone hateful, violent or invidiously prejudicial actions against individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability ... that impedes the performance of his or her duties or interferes with the operation and efficiency of the city."
Isn't that interesting? Let's see how that standard could be applied to other individuals.

In a 1998 interview with an Australian Internet magazine, Webfronds, Jane Elliott, noted Diversity Dominatrix, informed a group of Whites:

"You’re all sitting here writing in a language [English] that white people didn’t come up with. You’re all sitting here writing on paper that white people didn’t invent. Most of you are wearing clothes made out of cloth that white people didn’t come up with. We stole these ideas from other people. If you’re a Christian, you’re believing in a philosophy that came to us from people of color."

Got that? Whites are parasites who live off the inventions of "people of color." Could that statement be considered "prejudicial" against Whites?

Then there's the Reverend Al Sharpton, who once declared, "White folks was in caves while we was [sic] building empires.... We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it." Gee, that's a slam against both Whites and homosexuals. So if Reverend Al ever applies for a government job in Anniston, Alabama, he's toast. Right?

Then there's this group calling itself Hatewatch. Here's a typical headline from its blog: 'White Americans’ racial delusions lie in their insistence upon remaining ignorant.

Is calling an entire race "ignorant" a statement that promotes prejudice? I'd say so. I wonder if the Southern Poverty Law Center has heard of this "Hatewatch" cult?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Obama to Take Executive Action on Gun Control?

Uh-oh. There I was worried that a future President Hillary would grab guns. Now it appears Obama might beat her to it.

Students warned: Bulging biceps, big guns advance unhealthy masculinity

Guilty Whites have "Uncle Tim" Wise. Now girly men have Jackson Katz. And like Wise, he's raking in the dough with a dog and pony show that's knocking 'em dead on college campuses:

The self-described “anti-sexist activist” and filmmaker said that sexual violence and domestic abuse are men’s issues and that men would “benefit tremendously from having this conversation.”

Katz founded a consulting firm that “provides gender violence prevention and leadership training to institutions in the public and private sectors” and has pioneered the use of bystander training in the U.S. military, according to his website.

At the event, Katz likened racism to sexism, and told students that “people interrupt other people when they make racist comments.” Therefore they should have the same mindset in response to sexist comments, Katz said.
The Cultural Marxist war wagon just keeps rumbling along. And it will continue to crush traditional standards and values under its wheels as long as we let it.

Hillary promises "Executive Action' on gun control

For once, Hillary is telling the truth:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday proposed tighter gun-control measures, including expanded background checks, and suggested that if elected she would use executive powers to achieve her goals.

“I want to push hard to get more sensible restraints,” Clinton said on NBC’s “Today” show. “I want to work with Congress, but I will look at ways as president.”

She called for expanded background checks for firearms sales online and at gun shows. Clinton also called for closing loopholes in federal laws that allow for gun-sale transactions to be completed if the buyer’s background check is not finished within three days.
Obama took action on "legalizing" illegal immigrants because Congress was deadlocked on the issue. And we can count on Hillary to wield similar executive authority on guns, and on a long list of other issues. You can bet on that.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Quote of the day

"Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free." Jerry Pournelle

Another shooting, another round of lies

It's almost amusing the way the left and right always point at each other every time there's a mass shooting. But the latest from Charles Johnson's leftist Little Green Footballs site is such a stretch that it's laughable. Here's the headline: Christopher Harper Mercer Had White Supremacist Leaning.

Really? So what's the proof? Here it is: The Guardian found via a public records search that the email address “” was associated with a Chris Harper Mercer of Winchester, Oregon. The Anti-Defamation League notes that those groups adopted the Iron Cross, a German military medal, as a hate symbol by superimposing a swastika on the traditional medal.

Yes, that's it. Problem is, there's no telling why Mercer chose that email address. But one thing we do know is that a real "white supremacist" would never identify himself as "Mixed Race."

Friday, October 2, 2015

Expect more Christopher Mercers

Christopher Harper Mercer, the gunman who killed 9 people at the Oregon community college, will not be the last psycho seeking momentary celebrity. Consider Mercer's online profile:

Ethnicity: “Mixed Race.”

Have Kids: “no — do not want kids”

I currently live “with parents”

Religious: “Not Religious”

Music: “Industrial, Punk, Rock”

Groups: “Doesn’t Like Organized Religious; Left-hand Path; Magick and Occult”

That's a sad picture. But you know what? That's supposed to be the ideal these days. No race. No heritage. No commitments. No desire to have a family. Mercer had no human attachments, no loyalties to connect him to others. No wonder he was described by his neighbors as "full of hate" and "unfriendly and bashful."

And, yes, there will be many more like him because of the anti-human world we are creating. In an age that has declared war on human nature, the isolated individual is the new norm. Allegiance to family, church, community, and tradition are despised as different flavors of "discrimination" and "oppression" that tie down the so-called "sovereign individual." Alienation is supposed to be the standard. And nothing is as alienating as being trapped in a randomized collection of unconnected individuals. As sociologist Robert Putnam has observed, "People living in ethnically diverse settings appear to 'hunker down' -- that is, to pull in like a turtle." What did Mercer ever belong to? Nothing. And look what he mutated into.

Mercer believed the modern cult of celebrity offered an escape from all of his frustrations and failures. Mercer once wrote online: "Seems like the more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight." Forcing his way into that limelight was Mercer's desperate and final attempt to connect to an otherwise uncaring and remote world.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taking the South-bashers seriously

Lawrence Wilkerson claims and independent South isn't economically viable. In a video entitled, "Without money from New York and California the South would be Bangladesh," he says he's looked at the economic statistics, and has concluded the South would be "nothing" without subsidies from the rest of the Empire, and at best, it would be Bangladesh.

Okay. Let's look at the numbers.

The per capita income in Bangladesh is now $1,314 in US dollars. The former States of the Confederacy look like this:

Virginia $33,493
Florida $26,236
Texas $26,019
North Carolina $25,284
Georgia $25,182
Louisiana $24,442
Tennessee $24,409
South Carolina $23,943
Alabama $23,680
Arkansa $22,170
Mississippi $20,618

So the average per capita for the South: $25,043.27. That's better than Indiana, Utah, or Idaho. Does Mr. Wilkerson really believe each person in those States received an average subsidy of $23,720? Please.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Catalonia will be free!

Great piece today by's Justin Raimondo:

Secession is a dirty word in the Lincoln-worshipping ultra-nationalistic United States, where both left and right worship at the altar of the centralized state. To support secession in any way, shape, or form is to be labeled “neo-Confederate” by our logic-challenged pundits, who eagerly swoop down on anyone who challenges Washington’s supremacy. These geniuses forget that the American Revolution was an act of secession, in which the colonists separated themselves from a tyrannical monarchy that sought to tax and regulate them without their consent.

In the rest of the world, however, localism is on the rise as people rebel against the edicts of distant bureaucrats and reassert their language, their traditions, and their sense of place. Throughout Europe, especially, these rebellions are gaining strength, from Scotland to Wallonia to eastern Ukraine – and now to Catalonia, which is voting in what has become a referendum on the national question.
Folks, we're in a new age, an age of "Small is Beautiful."

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Take that, you big government dodos!

Oh, how they must be cussing and screaming in Madrid and London and DC. The long-submerged people of Catalonia are rising and the globalist elites are confounded:

Catalonia celebrated unprecedented regional elections on Sunday. With more than 97% of the vote counted, the pro-independence parties have emerged with an absolute majority of seats in the regional parliament. Junts pel Sí took 62 seats, while CUP took 10, giving them a total of 72 seats – for an absolute majority the parties needed 68. The pro-secession parties did not, however, win 50% of the total vote.
I wonder how the leftists who gibber about democracy feel about this vote? Oh, how sweet. How so very sweet.

Germany in a state of SIEGE

Maybe THIS will make Germans realize what "Mother Merkel" has done to their country:

Merkel was cheered when she opened the floodgates to migrants. Now, with gangs of men roaming the streets and young German women being told to cover up, the mood's changing.

Yesterday, the Mail reported how social workers and women’s groups in Giessen wrote a letter to the local state parliament claiming that rape and child abuse were rife in the refugee camp. The allegations were corroborated by Atif over his curry. ‘The camp is dangerous,’ he agreed. ‘Men of different nationalities fight and women are attacked.’

The letter says the camp, far from being a peaceful haven for those fleeing war, is a dangerous melting-pot, where there have been ‘numerous rapes and sexual assaults, and forced prostitution’.

There are even reports of children being raped and subjected to sexual assault, it adds.
Problem is, events in Rotherham made clear what happens when naive Europeans when alien colonizers exploit their hosts (See: Multiculturalism and Rape in Rotherham from the New York Times). I mean, c'mon, over 1,400 girls were sexually abused, and STILL Europeans are afraid of being called bad names for defending their countries from barbarians?

And will we learn from these tragedies in time? What do you want to bet we will not?

Quote of the day

“You must understand that our civilization is so vast that we can’t have our minorities upset and stirred. Ask yourself, What do we want in this country above all? People want to be happy, isn’t that right?…Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don’t feel good about Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Burn it. Someone’s written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping? Burn the book. Serenity, Montag. Peace, Montag. Take your fight outside. Better yet, to the incinerator.” - Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hatewatch Watch

The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch blog "monitors and exposes the activities of the American radical right." Uh-huh. So what might one infer from the following Hatewatch posting?

Caller Times (Corpus Christi, TX): Second man pleads guilty to hate crime for assaulting gay black man.

The implication is that some racist White crackers, no doubt having passed by a monument to Confederate war dead, were seized with hatred for two protected classes of people and attacked a "gay black man." But here's the story:

Two Corpus Christi men have pleaded guilty in Federal Court to charges stemming from a brutal assault of a gay man back in 2012. 22-year-old Ramiro Serrata Jr. And 33-year-old Jimmy Garza admitted to attacking the man with their fists along with various other weapons including a frying pan. At one point they reportedly ordered the victim to take off his clothes and cleanup the blood. They then poured bleach on his eyes and mouth.
And here are the perps:

Yep, just a couple of White crackers, just like George Zimmerman.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Revisiting 25 Years of Revisionist Claptrap

How Ken Burns and other court historians warp Southern history, on today's Abbeville Review:

As Edward Ayers and other historians have made clear, wars are not fought for moral reasons, nor are they fought over a single issue. Before a conflict between two sides becomes irreconcilable, it is preceded by years of festering complex issues that might have been resolved peacefully, but were ineptly handled. Television programs designed for mass audiences do not delve deeply into complex issues. Also, because historians write about wars long after they have taken place, their histories mirror the current generation’s socio/political trends.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"We're going to be the majority soon"

Right Direction or Wrong Track?

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that a record low 25% of Americans believe the country is headed in the "right direction." And, as you would expect, a record 69% believes the country is on the "wrong track."

My only question is: How long can this go on?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Posters for White Student Union removed at University of Maine

Both students and staff at the University of Maine in Orono have removed recruiting posters for a group calling itself the White Student Union. Student President Harold “Trey” Stewart III explained why the posters had to come down:

“We have several multicultural groups incorporated under our organization that engage and host activities and events aimed at defeating ignorant mentalities and behaviors such as those exemplified by the material in question,” Stewart said in a news release issued the day after the fliers were discovered. “We strongly condemn those actions and work hard every day to promote a multicultural, friendly, inclusive and hate-free campus.”

Good for Trey III! It's reassuring that the U. of Maine promotes multicultural organizations on campus.

I checked with this group to see if they agreed:

These students are members of the U. of Maine Black Student Union, whose website proclaims its main goal is: "To provide a supportive atmosphere to all students of African decent [sic] at the University of Maine." Hmm. That group needs to work on its English language skills. And it doesn't look or sound multicultural.

The website explains the Black Student Union's purpose:

The Black Student Union works to bring about a greater awareness of black culture and black presence at the university of Maine by enhancing the social and intellectual participation of black students within the university and community at large.

As Trey III said, it's all about inclusion and "defeating ignorant mentalities." Oh, yes.

How evil is the DC Empire?

This evil:

In his last phone call home, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. told his father what was troubling him: From his bunk in southern Afghanistan, he could hear Afghan police officers sexually abusing boys they had brought to the base.

“At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012. He urged his son to tell his superiors. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”
How nice. And when Afghanis immigrate to this country, bringing their, uh, unique cultural practices with them, do we continue to tolerate institutionalized child abuse? If not, why not?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

U.S. to Increase Admission of Refugees to 100,000 in 2017

How to change your country's demographics in three steps:

1 - Provoke wars and coups in Third-World countries using "humanitarian" reasons for cover

2 - Wait for the chaos to create waves of migrants

3 - Open your borders for -- you guessed it -- "humanitarian" reasons

Looks like Obama & Co. have demographic revolution figured out:

The Obama administration will increase the number of refugees the United States is willing to accept in 2017 to 100,000, a significant increase over the current annual worldwide cap of 70,000, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday.

The announcement came as Mr. Kerry conferred here with German officials on the wave of migrants that has swamped Europe and met with Syrian refugees who are seeking asylum in Europe.
Yes, Europe is being swamped, and now Obama is coaxing the tsunami toward us. The left, of course, is cackling with glee.

We've heard quite a bit lately about "cuckservatives," deluded souls who think they're conservative, but are actually promoting an agenda that benefits the globalist elite and the left. The left-wing version of the "cuckservatives" are "Sorosialists," who think open borders will create a "multi-racial democracy," but will instead benefit the super-rich who want cheap, exploitable labor.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army

It only makes sense that a homosexual would lead the army of the Fabulous States of America:

President Obama, in a historic first for the Pentagon, has chosen to nominate Eric Fanning to lead the Army, a move that would make him the first openly gay civilian secretary of one of the military services.

Fanning, 47, has been a specialist on national security issues for more than two decades and has played a key role overseeing some of the Pentagon’s biggest shipbuilding and fighter jet programs.
This endorsement of homosexuality is not a fluke. And it isn't a random event. IT IS OFFICIAL UNITED STATES POLICY. Let's not forget that one of the reasons Neocons such as Jamie Kirchik and Andrew Sullivan supported the invasion of Iraq was to launch what they saw as an international campaign for homosexual liberation.

That's something you need to remember if your son asks you if he should join the DC Empire's armed forces.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mahatma Gandhi statue vandalised in Johannesburg

Now this is priceless. Blacks in South Africa, no doubt inspired by the anti-Southern hysteria in this country, are demanding the removal of memorials to Gandhi:

The hashtag #Ghandimustfall (sic) is being circulated on social media in South Africa.

Twitter users are quoting articles reporting that as leader of the Natal Indian Congress, he said that Indians were superior to black people and petitioned the colonial government to have a separate entrance for them at the Durban Post office, where they had previously used the entrance reserved for black people.
What's next? Should Egyptians bulldoze the pyramids in Giza because they were built by slaves? How about the Scots and Irish erasing all mention of Oliver Cromwell from history books? And, focusing back on the home front, WHEN are we going to remove that Southern slaveholder George Washington from the dollar bill?

History is full of offensive figures. If you can't handle history, you can't deal with life.

Thanks to Gail for the link!

Next ...

Leftists ALWAYS have more demands. ALWAYS.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Secede from the union? A crazy idea

This op-ed by O. Ricardo Pimentel is oh-so-typical of the pro-Empire mindset that I had to post it. This is what passes for "reasoned debate" among those opposed to self determination:

If anyone approaches you to sign a petition to put Texas secession from the nation on the ballot in March, “You can’t be serious” is a perfectly acceptable response.

Or, you might say, “Sorry, as proud to be an American as I am a Texan.”

Or, “Yeah, we’ve got problems as a nation, but good families stick together.”
Of course. Apologists for empire don't need to lower themselves by coming up with rational justifications for their opposition to self-government because secession is just crazy. End of story. So if some whacked-out extremist secessionist approaches a "proud American," he can simply dismiss the benighted soul the way he would some homeless dude raving about Martians in his brain. But c'mon, Ricardo! "Proud to be an American"? These days, an "American" is anyone who sneaks across the border. It has no meaning. "Texan," on the other hand, STILL means something. Here's more of Pimentel's alleged "argument":

But mostly you should refuse to sign simply because a Texas independent of the United States is, in fact, crazy. The Supreme Court’s 1869 ruling in Texas v. White — having to do with U.S. bonds sold by a Confederate Texas — forecloses on any state legally seceding.
Yes, if the central government says its subjects cannot secede, that's that. I'm sure if King George III had informed George Washington and the other Founders that secession from the British Empire would not be permitted, that would have been the end of the discussion.

Give me a break.

Wait, there's more:

And the demographic changes occurring — a Latino majority population sometime between 2036 and 2049 — are being mimicked in whole or part in much of the rest of the nation, which is destined to become majority minority at some point. Last year minority children under the age of 5 outnumbered non-minority children in the same age group for the first time in the United States.
The demographic upheaval DC is orchestrating -- which O. Ricardo Pimentel, as past president and board member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists happily supports -- is supposed to be inevitable, like death and taxes. So we're not supposed to resist it, or even THINK about it. That's what good Americans do. Right, Ricardo?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Should Texas secede? Question may appear on Republican primary ballot

The 21st century is shaping up as the Secession Century, and the ruling elite had better get used to it. Now Texans are considering the path of self-determination:

Texas already seceded once — in 1861, by popular vote in a statewide election.

But the Texas Nationalist Movement wants a repeat a century and a half later, and thinks the March GOP primary is the place to start.

The Nederland-based Texas independence group is circulating a petition aimed at getting a non-binding vote onto the GOP primary ballot over whether "the state of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation."

Their goal? 75,000 signatures from registered voters by Dec. 1 — more than the 66,894 the Texas Secretary of State's office says the group needs to get the language on the ballot.
How realistic is this scenario? I'd say we're one stock market crash away from coast-to-coast secession.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Navy Secretary criticizes Marines' infantry study in interview

I recently blogged about the Marines' failed attempt to prove women could be just as capable as men on the battlefield. In that post, I half-jokingly wrote that the failed experiment would have to be blamed on the trainers rather than admit that men and women are not equal.

Darned if Navy Secretary Ray Mabus hasn't done exactly that:

Mabus spoke to David Greene at NPR a day after Marine officials revealed findings from a nine-month infantry experiment that assessed the performance of male and female Marine volunteers during physically demanding ground combat tasks. A summary of data showed that mixed-gender teams completed tasks more slowly and shot with less accuracy, and that women sustained injuries at more than twice the rate of their male counterparts.

In his radio interview, Mabus suggested the Marines' study was flawed due to the caliber and mindset of the volunteer participants.

"It started out with a fairly large component of the men thinking 'this is not a good idea,' and 'women will never be able to do this,' " Mabus said. "When you start out with that mindset, you're almost presupposing the outcome."
Yes, you read that right: The Navy Secretary just accused the Marine trainers of deliberate sabotage. That's not just a firing offence, but one deserving court-martial. If it were true.

Fun fact! Back in the USSR, failures to achieve government-imposed goals were often blamed on saboteurs within the system, which justified government surveillance.

Quote of the day

"As for the Confederates of the Lost Cause, they yielded to superior force only after four years of fighting, but their battle flag has ever after been seen as a banner of rebellion, bravery and defiance. And those tearing down the battle flags, and dumping over the monuments and statues, and sandblasting the names off buildings and schools, what have they ever accomplished?"- Pat Buchanan